Laura Wilts

“Laura is dedicated to pitting a story behind every design, big or small, with creativity, without going to extremes.”

Laura has always been fascinated by the arts, architecture, interior, creating atmospheres and new technologies. As interior-architect at MIND it is crucial to her that a design is not only about creating an esthetic design, there should be a story behind the (interior)architecture. She provides for visualizations of the design from the beginning of the project and also gives great value to this. The projects are properly followed in order for the smallest matters to be well finished. She loves challenges and likes to take on different projects: a new building, a challenging renovation project, an exhibition, a bunker or special room.

Flory Langers

“Flory persists on achieving a beautiful result even in the smallest details and only wants what’s best for his projects.”

As project manager at MIND Flory has long been interested by architecture, interior design, creating atmospheres, engineering and technology, and so much more. He is a perfectionist, good is not good enough. It is therefore of importance to him that even the techniques which aren’t visible are of top quality. He ensures that the (construction)techniques and the concept work together harmoniously. Because of his technical background and his network, he can ensure in an inventive way that the concept is not in danger of being lost due to the technicality of it. Because of this these two can complement each other. The visualization of the project before its implementation is therefore of great value to him.