01. Architecture

When renovating a building, we believe it is imperative to do so with regard of the existing building.
The architecture we create, is even more beautiful if it exists in peace (or in some cases in contrast) with the existing architecture.
Architecture is not only about creating a great esthetic design, it is also about feeling well when living inside the building.

02. Lighting

LED lighting gives us endless possibilities
of structures and forms of lighting
and you can create almost any imaginable possible atmosphere with it.
And that is what lighting should accomplish: an atmosphere that works
together with the architecture and the interior.
An atmosphere for every mood you’re in and one that compliments every form,
every shape and every aspect of the building.
The amount of light should be balanced, in harmony with every aspect of the project.
Lighting is extensively incorporated into our concepts, because we feel it is a very important aspect of creating.

Our designs put lighting in the spotlight.

03. Smart Home

Imagine every technique monitored with one display.
Heating, lighting, blinds, surround system, security system, security monitoring, … everything you desire can be controlled at the touch of a screen.
Every technology in your building is easy to look over and altered with a building control system.
The building lives and thinks with you, it adapts to your lifestyle and rhythm and evolves together with you.

04. Interior

We create modern, but warm interior spaces that you will never get tired of.
Creating that subtile extra touch of creativity in warm, lively interiors is what we do.
We search for a balance between the right materials for your building and create the right atmosphere.

05. Concept

The starting point of a good design is the program.
What is essential, what is not, and what is extra.
Is it your ambition to build as ecologically as possible?
Or is comfort your priority? Maybe something in between?
We are open to all your wishes. What is essential to us is that everything fits, the inside and outside of the building, every room and every corridor has to be in line with one another.
There has to be a continuous flow.

06. Comfort

What is comfort?
Technology that is easy to use and reacts to certain stimulations on its own,
the progression of the rooms, circulation within the building, climate and environment.
We like to provide for a happy use of a building.

Creating places that boost

the human experience

Everything is one

What we do

We create fully integrated renovation projects
where everything is considered as one.
From the first encounter, to the design and the implementation,
we take everything into account; lighting, architecture, technology,
interior, concept and comfort.
It is important to be able to visualize your project before construction has started,
in order to get exactly what you expected.
Therefore, we offer a service to our clients as our 3D-printer can build scale models.
The client lets us in on their wishes, and we advise and adapt where needed.
Making sure people get to realise the project of their dreams in regard to quality,
time and budget is our top priority. Together, we can make it happen.